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My favorite part of traveling is the amazing people I meet along the way. Their stories, their advice, their energy…it all enhances the travel experience. When I started this Life Coaching/Travel blog, I dimg_1988ecided I not only wanted to share my journey, but the stories, advice, and goals of those I have met during my travels. Each one of these wonderful people has played a major role in my life.

With that said, I would like to introduce you to my friend Tracy Stayton. I met this lovely lady when I was visiting another friend in Colorado. I was captivated by her story, her energy and her mission. And now, I am lucky enough to call her a friend, colleague and tribe member. (Gotta love women who support other women.)

Check out Tracy’s video.

As this wonderful woman approached her 30’s, she embraced this phase of her life and celebrated what each year had to offer.


First came Thirty-wonderful.
Then Thirty-too-good to be true.
Followed by Thirty-free.
Then there was Thirtyfourtunate.

When Tracy turned 34, she decided to celebrate life by spending the entire year traveling the world. However, she wasn’t just a traveler hitting the top tourist destinations. Rather she spent the year participating in 34 service projects around the globe. Since her return, Tracy has launched the 4tunate movement.

You too can join the 4tunate Movement! It’s simple sign up on the website and commit to doing 4 acts of service each year. In addition, each Friday post on social media and share with others why you feel fortunate and grateful. Include the hashtag #4tunateFriday.

img_1306 So let’s get to know Tracy a little bit better…

1) What is your favorite place in the world?

This is like asking a parent who their favorite child is…there is no way I can pick just one!  Each place has its own magic and essence!

2) What is your craziest travel story (good, bad, otherwise)?

I was illegal in Paraguay for about a week when I crossed over the border and my bus leaving Brazil didn’t stop for me to get an exit stamp. I made aimg_0187 ruckus and we stopped on the Paraguay side only to be refused an entry stamp because I had never received an exit stamp from Brazil. It was 12:30am and there was no way I was walking back across the bridge solo nor that the bus was going to wait for me. The border patrol washed his hands of me, let me get back on the bus and continue to Asuncion…there I dealt with the USA Embassy and quite a few other government agencies to get it squared away. Amazingly, all of this took about a week and they Paraguayan government allowed me to leave and come back the following day with whatever new paperwork they needed. I ended up getting everything squared away, only to be fined anyway when I left the country!  All I kept thinking as I was going from government building to government building day after day was “WOW!  If someone walked into one of the USA government buildings saying ‘Hi!  I am illegal here’ things probably would go a lot differently!”

See the full article here.

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