“You quit your job?!?”

Followed by “Are you nuts?” or “Good for you!”

It is amazing the polarized opinions people have of leaving the mainstream path and creating your own, but let me tell you, taking that leap into living your version of a powerful life is invigorating.

img_1727It’s invigorating like jumping into a cold lake on a hot summer day. There is a bit of an initial shock and it takes your breath away while you adjust. However, after you resurface and take that first inhale, letting the reality and coolness wash over you, it is refreshing and freeing!

How do I know? Because I did just that. In November of 2014 I left my good, stable, government job to travel the world for a year doing 34 acts of service, around the world in my 34th year of life. I called the project 34tunate (pronounced: Thirtyfourtunate) and set out to learn about the world, myself, and others while doing some good along the way. I wanted to remember why I am 4tunate and why each of us is, no matter our circumstances.

Since returning, and not to that stable, government job, I have begun to reflect on the journey and project my next steps. With that reflection, has come quite a bit of learning. Keeping with the theme of my 34tunate journey, here are 4 things I feel 4tunate to have learned along the way…


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